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Patient Testimonials

Congratulations to Mrs. Cline! We are proud of you for completing your #PhysicalTherapy 💪🏼

Physical Therapy Associates | Testimonials | Mrs.Cline

"What an excellent experience! When I started, I was totally unable to use my right arm. Now it is wonderful! Thanks to everyone!!"

Congratulations to Garrett! We are proud of the work you put in to your rehab! 💪🏼

Physical Therapy Associates | Testimonials | Kathy
"When I came, I had trouble doing the smallest tasks. Everything was extremely painful in my shoulder! As I graduate today, I am pain free! I'm back to playing golf & other sports!

I would recommend this place to ANYONE! I LOVE the atmosphere! Everyone was so encouraging! Every morning I walked in they had a smile on their face! They were so encouraging in trying to get my healthy again! Ricardo was so fun to work with! His interest in you went deeper than just my physical injury! He would always strike up a conversation & talk to me about more than my injury!

All of that doesn't even include the AMAZING work they did on my shoulder! I was so afraid I would never return to my previous quality of life. When I came here, I was unable to do ANYTHING! I am so excited to say that I have been able to return to EVERYTHING I was doing before surgery! In some cases, things are better (Therapy improved my golf game) I am so thankful for this place & the diligent, excellent work they do!

Meet Kathy

Physical Therapy Associates | Testimonials | Kathy

At first glance, one can see that she brings a positive energy with her. She wears a smile every time she comes to therapy. She has been coming to PTA for chemotherapy induced neuropathy and joint pain caused by pills prescribed during her battle with breast cancer. As one may have guessed, Kathy is a survivor! After 6 months of chemo and 28 rounds of radiation, she is cancer free! She loves coming to therapy and feels she is stronger, has more self-esteem and is able to conquer anything!

In her own words... "Physical therapy wakes up my joints. It takes the pain away and gets the muscles warmed up. I crawl in and skip out."