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"I never thought I would be writing again with my right hand and with the help of this great team, now I can!"
"After knee replacement I had limited mobility but coming to PTA, my knee as well as my total health has greatly improved and I am better off physically...I certainly encourage anyone needing rehab to use PTA."
"Physical Therapy associates helped me regain strength and flexibility in my right arm after rotator cuff surgery. I look forward to going back to walking my dog...and living without pain."
"PT is absolutely wonderful! I feel so much better having embraced it. My pain level is practically gone now."
"Knowledgeable, empathetic and communicative staff. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend."
"This facility & the associates are great!!!! Best I've felt from back pain in 35 years!"
"I had an excellent experience here! The team is very professional and helpful! When I first came, I could hardly stand on my left knee without my brace. I can stand 10 hours!"
-Happy Patient
"When I came in after surgery I was on a walker. After my sessions I am now waking fine."
"I had shoulder surgery in April and started physical therapy shortly there after. When I came to P.T. my right shoulder was completely useless but after the great people at P.T. I am better than I was before the injury that caused the need of surgery. P.T. put me back to being better than I was and I highly recommend P.T. To anyone who has has surgery and stick with it. The staff at P.T. are the best and very caring and patient. If I have to have P.T. in the future I will not hesitate to come back!"
"Believe in yourself and remember to always FINISH what you started. After ACL surgery I made a goal to get back to myself in 3 months and I believed and finished what I started."
“I wish I had gone to Physical Therapy Associates after surgery as the therapist here are all professional in attitude, training, care and compassion...I couldn’t be more pleased.”
After I broke my knee I couldn’t bend my knee or walk without help, but now I can run, jump and do anything I want. Thanks to everyone here for their compassion and positivity.”
“After hip replacement surgery, I was walking with walker and had very limited movement. After therapy, I’m walking better than I was 10 years ago!”
“I had terrible numbness and tingling in my arm when I started therapy, now it’s gone! Awesome staff here!”
“I was unable to walk, until I did PT. Stay with all exercises and you will overcome what you could not do. Awesome team.”
“I had torn my rotator cuff (both of them) and had trouble raising my arms without helping them. Dr. sent me to therapy for 4 weeks/3 times a week. They have helped me that I am able to play golf again. ”
“Prior to coming here for PT I was unable to do the basic things in life w/o severe pain in my neck & shoulders. After coming to PTA the pain has significantly decreased. I am now able to complete my everyday activities with almost no pain. The staff is awesome! Thank you all. ”
“I had very limited use of my left arm & hand. I can now pickup a gallon of milk with my left arm. No pain in arm or neck!”
“When I first arrived here I was unable to walk without some type of assistance (walker, cane, etc.) now after PT I am able to do more than before. PTA is a great place & great people. Ricardo is the best! He will work you hard and doing so many things out of the ordinary. I will miss Clerissa too. Thanks PTA love you guys! ”
“I came in not being able to walk normally and now I’m back to running sprinting and exercising with no pain”
“You are all so fantastic. You have helped me so much. Can’t thank you enough.”
“It helped me sooo much! I can climb stairs normally again and walk without a limp!!!”
“Had knee replacement: Never give up! Took 13 weeks but best decision I made for my body. Couldn’t have done it without Ricardo, Jennifer & great staff!”
“PT helped me so much. I was having trouble with waking any distance. They showed my how to strengthen my legs”
“I thought it would be a long road to recovery. Thankfully my goal was met 1 month before it was set. From limping to leaping tall buildings in 4 months.”
“I started my therapy 3-7-18 and after 21 visits I feel great! I did pool & land it was great. Thank you all for helping me get better.”
Before surgery & Physical Therapy I was unable to even lift my arm. Now, PTA has made it where I have full movement AND I am able to continue my woodworking! Glad I did it!!”
“After surgery I wasn’t able to do much of anything with my shoulder, but since coming here I am stronger than I’ve ever been and I am so thankful for everyone here!”
“I was supposed to have another surgery today! But since I’ve been coming to Physical Therapy & working out on a regular basis, I don’t have to have surgery. So, for anyone out there who’s discouraged just keep on working. It’s a slow process, but you’ll get there!"
“My experience was wonderful everyone wants to see improvement as much as you do. Keep pushing!”
“Impressed-could not raise self on stair- walked with a sever limp. Complete professional care with a program designed for me to walk.”
“My experience has been super. I had a full knee replacement & had trouble walking, sitting & all of my daily activities. Now I can do what I want.”

“I was unable to use my left arm at all. After PT I’m 99.9% to the good. And it will get better.”

Physical Therapy Associates | Testimonials | Mrs.Cline

Congratulations to Mrs. Cline! We are proud of you for completing your #PhysicalTherapy 💪🏼

"What an excellent experience! When I started, I was totally unable to use my right arm. Now it is wonderful! Thanks to everyone!!"

Physical Therapy Associates | Testimonials

"I can walk without hurting my movement is better; more active. Hoping to get back to golfing"

Physical Therapy Associates | Testimonials

"Please remember to do your exercises at home for the very best results!! I had to "climb" a mountain to get stronger, but with the help of the dedicated staff and their encouragement I feel stronger and younger!!"

Meet Garret

Physical Therapy Associates | Testimonials | Kathy

"When I came, I had trouble doing the smallest tasks. Everything was extremely painful in my shoulder! As I graduate today, I am pain free! I'm back to playing golf & other sports!

I would recommend this place to ANYONE! I LOVE the atmosphere! Everyone was so encouraging! Every morning I walked in they had a smile on their face! They were so encouraging in trying to get my healthy again! Ricardo was so fun to work with! His interest in you went deeper than just my physical injury! He would always strike up a conversation & talk to me about more than my injury! All of that doesn't even include the AMAZING work they did on my shoulder! I was so afraid I would never return to my previous quality of life. When I came here, I was unable to do ANYTHING! I am so excited to say that I have been able to return to EVERYTHING I was doing before surgery! In some cases, things are better (Therapy improved my golf game) I am so thankful for this place & the diligent, excellent work they do!

Meet Kathy

Physical Therapy Associates | Testimonials | Kathy

At first glance, one can see that she brings a positive energy with her. She wears a smile every time she comes to therapy. She has been coming to PTA for chemotherapy induced neuropathy and joint pain caused by pills prescribed during her battle with breast cancer. As one may have guessed, Kathy is a survivor! After 6 months of chemo and 28 rounds of radiation, she is cancer free! She loves coming to therapy and feels she is stronger, has more self-esteem and is able to conquer anything!

In her own words... "Physical therapy wakes up my joints. It takes the pain away and gets the muscles warmed up. I crawl in and skip out."