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The TEAM APPROACH is utilized at our facility. This means you may be treated by different licensed providers at different times - unless you specify you would like to be treated by a specific provider. The advantage to this approach is that the care provided to you is focused, efficient, and responsive to your needs. The communication between our licensed staff, as well as your referring physician, regarding your specific condition ensures the best possible treatment plan for you.

Licensed Physical Therapists (PT) and Physical Therapist Assistants (PTA)
  • Dallas Williams, PT
    Dallas Williams, PT
    Education: BS PT from UT Southwestern Medical Center. He is a certified member of the American Association of orthopedic Manual Therapy. Dallas, and his wife, founded Physical Therapy Associates in 2000. He chose Physical Therapy because "A majority of my childhood was spent around my Father's Basketball teams across the state of Texas. With that came access to training rooms and athletic trainers, which ultimately sparked an interest in Physical Therapy. His favorite areas to treat are Lumbar Spine, Shoulder and Knee.
  • Christa Ikard, PT
    Christa Ikard, DPT, AT Education: Doctorate in Physical Therapy From Washington University. Bs in Health and Exercise Science with Sports Medicine concentration and Minors in Anatomy and Neurobiology. Certified Athletic Trainer.
    Christa is the Director of Physical Therapy at all 3 of our clinics. She chose Physical Therapy because "It was a natural progressions from being an Athletic Trainer. I wanted to learn more and work with a wider range of individuals." Her favorite areas to treat are the knee and foot. As Director of Physical Therapy, she is an extremely valued team member and an integral part to how efficient our clinics run. She has been with PTA for 9 years.
  • Laura Garland, PT, CEAS-II
    Laura Garland, PT, CEAS-II Education: BS PT from California State University Northridge, Neurological Specialty. Certified Ergonomic Specialist.
    Laura chose Physical Therapy because " I knew I wanted a career in the medical profession so I volunteered in all departments of a hospital to help me decide. Physical Therapy was the most inspiring and challenging." Her favorite areas to treat are pre/post op shoulder and knee. Laura loves being involved in the community by volunteering on the Walker County Fair Association and the Rodeo Committee.
    Laura has been with PTA for over 9 years.
  • Ricardo Yzqueirdo, PTA
    Ricardo Yzqueirdo, PTA Education: BS Sam Houston State University, AAS Houston Community College Medical Center.
    Ricardo chose Physical Therapy because " I have a passion to help people. Also, I am fascinated by the human body. It brings me satisfaction to help our patients get back to their favorite hobbies. His favorite areas to treat are the shoulders, knees, anything on athletics and joint replacements. Ricardo has been with PTA for over 10 years, starting off as a volunteer, becoming a technician and then going to school to become a PTA. He is now our Safety Manager and Clinic Manager at our Conroe Clinic.
  • Kelsey Carpentier, PTA
    Kelsey Carpentier, PTA Education: Graduated 4.0 AS- PT Assistant Program. Awarded Clinical Excellence in school. Trained in Kinesio Taping.
    She chose Physical Therapy because " When I  was working as a technician at PTA, I felt God was calling me to become a therapist. I was going tp school to become a registered dietician and changed to therapy. I knew God called me to heal others, not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally."
    Her favorite areas to treat are cervical, posture, body mechanics and lumbar spine.
    Kelsey is a wife and mommy to 3 kids and has been with PTA for over 10 years.
  • Jennifer Templeton, PTA
    Jennifer Templeton, PTA Education: BS TAMU, AAS Blinn College- Summa Cum Laude and Aquatic Therapy Training.
    Jennifer chose Physical Therapy because "I chose PT after spending the better part of a year in therapy for back, hip and elbow. Looked like a great place to help people and have fun while making a good living."
    She loves to treat anything in the pool. Jennifer is known as our pelvic floor lady. She loves educating both men and women on the importance of pelvic floor strengthening. She has been with PTA for over 8 years.
  • Hailey Crow, PTA
    Hailey Crow, PTA Education: AAS Lonestar, Aquatic Therapy Training
    Hailey chose Physical Therapy because " I had a friend who had home health PT after a motor vehicle accident. I wanted to help people like that." Her favorite areas to treat are the knee, back and cupping. She enjoys fishing, camping, badminton, bike riding and swimming. Physical Therapy Associates loves to refer to her as our Mermaid. She is our main PTA for Aquatic Therapy at our Conroe Clinic and does a wonderful job with our patients.
  • Shawn Pratt, PTA
    Shawn Pratt, PTA Education:
    Shawn chose Physical Therapy because "
    His favorite areas to treat are the
    Shawn has been with PTA for 4 years and is the Clinic Manager at our 75 North Clinic.
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