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If leading a pain-free, healthy lifestyle is what you desire, than you want to seek out the most educated, experienced, and specialized therapists that offer attentive care for your joint, muscle, or orthopedic condition. Physical Therapy Associates is the leading orthopedic and sports rehabilitation practice. In addition to physical therapy we offer wellness services including nutrition management, injury prevention programs, specialized golf performance training, and massage therapy.

Our Objective

Each and every day our staff strives to provide a motivational, compassionate and friendly atmosphere for our patients. We look to promote healing and encourage a healthy lifestyle long after leaving our clinic. Our experienced staff wants you feeling better each time you leave than you did when you first arrived at PTA.

Our Mission

Physical Therapy Associates looks to provide outstanding quality of care to all of our patients in East Texas and the surrounding communities. We have been doing so since 2000 with a unique "Team Treatment" technique where you will always feel like part of the family.

Our staff is dedicated to helping every person achieve, maximize, and maintain his or her physical health and wellness.

Together We Can Overcome

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Our Patients Are Thriving!
  • I started my therapy 3-7-18 and after 21 visits I feel great! I did pool & land it was great.


  • What an excellent experience! When I started, I was totally unable to use my right arm. Now it is wonderful! Thanks to everyone!!

    Mrs. Cline

  • You are all so fantastic. You have helped me so much. Can’t thank you enough.


  • Took 13 weeks but best decision I made for my body. Couldn’t have done it without Ricardo, Jennifer & great staff!


  • When I came, I had trouble doing the smallest tasks. Everything was extremely painful in my shoulder! As I graduate today, I am pain free! I'm back to playing golf & other sports! I would recommend this place to ANYONE!


  • After survey I wasn’t able to do much of anything with my shoulder, but since coming here I am stronger than I’ve ever been and I am so thankful for everyone here!


  • Physical therapy wakes up my joints. It takes the pain away and gets the muscles warmed up. I crawl in and skip out.



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An excellent resource to health tips, exercises you can do to strengthen your core and prevent injuries as well as information on how physical therapy can help if you do get injured.

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