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If leading a pain-free, healthy lifestyle is what you desire, than you want to seek out the most educated, experienced, and specialized therapists that offer attentive care for your joint, muscle, or orthopedic condition. Physical Therapy Associates is the leading orthopedic and sports rehabilitation practice. In addition to physical therapy we offer wellness services including nutrition management, injury prevention programs, specialized golf performance training, and massage therapy. Our staff is dedicated to helping every person achieve, maximize, and maintain his or her physical health and wellness.
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"Before physical therapy, I was limping and unable to walk or run normal. But after therapy at PTA, I did the unthinkable. I finished a marathon and it was incredible! I believed it, I dreamed it and I went for it."~ Juan Carlos Guzman


We use evidence-based physical therapy practice/techniques from peer-reviewed journals to treat patients of all ages with pain and/or musculoskeletal pathology.


Our professional Strength & Conditioning services are specifically designed to meet all of your movement and performance goals.