Happy Heart Month!  Yes, Valentines day falls in February, but it’s also American Heart Month, when we should take a good look at the health of our cardiovascular systems. In honor of Superbowl 50 this weekend, we have the first of many Healthy to the Core Challenges for you! Here’s how you play:

Healthy to the Core Superbowl Challenge

Every time you see a beverage commercial, drink a cup of water

Every time you see a snack commercial, treat yourself to some fresh veggies (ok, you can have the ranch with them)

When your team scores, do a touchdown Celebration dance and the opposing team’s fans must copy the dance.

Each time a team score a Field Goal, get up from the sofa for 10 body weight squats (more or less as you’re able)

For each Interception, stand up and do 15 arm circles.
Send us a picture of you during the game completing the challenge! One lucky person will get a free prize 🙂

Remember – you only have one body and one life, so live well and be happy!
Christa (Go Broncos!)