YOU Deserve It!!

Overheard in the clinic yesterday: “I’m really not as bad as some people in here, I’m not sure I should be here.”

If this is how you feel about physical therapy I want to let you know that you DESERVE to be here.

  • You deserve to not be in pain.
  • You deserve to be able to sleep through the night.
  • You deserve to be able to get your clothes on and off without help.
  • You deserve to be able to get in and out of your car.
  • You deserve to feel strong and secure.

This is something you are doing for yourself. And we are here to help.

PT can treat the tailbone????

Being healthy from head to tail may be harder than it appears!  You can eat well, exercise and try to live stress free (or stress reduced!), and then something derails you. Like falling on your bottom. Jane was walking down the stairs and one foot went right out from underneath her! Months later her tail bone still ached and she couldn’t sit still for more than 2-3 minutes. She also noticed headaches came more frequently since her fall and her pelvic floor wasn’t quite as strong as it once was (those embarrassing urine leaks). Pills from her doctor didn’t help and as much as she tried to exercise the pain away, nothing was working. A friend suggested physical therapy to help and she decided to give it the good ol’ college try.

“I didn’t realized PT could treat the tail bone!”

When she came in to see us she said, ‘I didn’t realize PT could treat the tail bone!’ Of course we can!  Interestingly, her headaches were reduced and pelvic floor problems were fixed with treatment to the coccyx. You see, the tail bone works as a keystone for the pelvic floor muscles and provides the base for ligamentous attachments that run the length of the spine. PT for the tail bone has helped our patients with pain running down their legs, buttock pain, low back pain, abdominal pain and rib/thoracic wall pain as well. Don’t forget, everything is connected! If you want more information about tail bone pain call for a free 15 minute consultation with one of our therapists today!

One Life. One Body.

You only have ONE heart….keep it healthy!

One life. One body.
One chance to treat it well!

Are you able to walk to the mailbox without getting winded? Are you able to walk up and down the stair without stopping? If you said ‘No’ to these, it may indicate that you have a heart that needs a little TLC! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, uncontrolled high blood pressure is the leading cause of heart disease and stroke. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute encourages the following changes for lowering your blood pressure:

  1. Maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Do physical activity for 30 minutes most days of the week.
  3. Eat a diet high is fresh fruits and vegetables, with low fat dairy products with reduced saturated and total fat.
  4. Choose foods that are lower in salt and other forms of sodium.
  5. If you drink alcohol, have no more than 1 drink a day for women and 2 drinks a day for men.
  6. Remember to take your blood pressure medicine.

As 2016 is just getting started, now is the time to make some changes! You and your physician should decide on what is a healthy weight for you. Likewise, the two of you can decide on which blood pressure medications will likely work well for you and your current conditions.

Next, take a good look at what you are eating! Are there a lot of processed foods? Restaurant, prepackaged and frozen meals can be high in sodium, as well as very large in portion sizes. Speak with your physician or a dietitian regarding your current dietary needs.

Lastly, get moving! As the outside temperatures are flirting with the 70’s, now is an ideal time to start short walks that can be extended as your endurance increases and the outside temperatures warm up. Is there some pain that is stopping you? When you speak with your physician about your blood pressure ask for a prescription for physical therapy. Our staff at Physical Therapy Associates can get you in good working order to meet your heart health goals. If you just need a little direction in your fitness endeavors but you don’t need to be treated, ask about our Gym or our Athletic Capability Enhancement (ACE) Programs to take you to the next level.

One life. One body. One chance to treat it well!


Happy Heart Month!  Yes, Valentines day falls in February, but it’s also American Heart Month, when we should take a good look at the health of our cardiovascular systems. In honor of Superbowl 50 this weekend, we have the first of many Healthy to the Core Challenges for you! Here’s how you play:

Healthy to the Core Superbowl Challenge

Every time you see a beverage commercial, drink a cup of water

Every time you see a snack commercial, treat yourself to some fresh veggies (ok, you can have the ranch with them)

When your team scores, do a touchdown Celebration dance and the opposing team’s fans must copy the dance.

Each time a team score a Field Goal, get up from the sofa for 10 body weight squats (more or less as you’re able)

For each Interception, stand up and do 15 arm circles.
Send us a picture of you during the game completing the challenge! One lucky person will get a free prize 🙂

Remember – you only have one body and one life, so live well and be happy!
Christa (Go Broncos!)