Where Do I Go To Stay Fit After PT?

Looking for a place to keep yourself active because your living room floor just isn’t cutting it anymore? Look no further than this blog post because we may have the answer. Huntsville has tons of hidden gems just waiting for you to explore and find your exercise niche.

Here are some gyms located in Huntsville along with their websites so you can find out more information about each of them to pick the one that best fits you and your workout needs.  They are listed in no order of recommendations since finding the right gym is a personal preference based on goals and needs.  The best gym for you is the one you will actually attend consistently.

Lastly, have you ever considered playing in the park as a workout? Well Huntsville is definitely not short on park space and I’m here to tell you that a park can be an excellent resource for exercise! Here are some of my favorite spots in Huntsville to get some fun, dynamic, outdoor workouts: Kate Barr Ross Memorial Park, Eastham-Thomason Park, Thomas Henry (Josey) Ball Park, Sam Houston State’s Intramural fields & the Huntsville State Park ($5/person entry fee). Those are just a few of the great hidden gems in Huntsville that can be turned into your own personal gym space! Give them a try!

Note:  Updated 10/8/2022