Pregnancy shouldn’t be such a pain.

Pregnancy is a beautiful process, but creating human life is far from easy and comes with many complications. Extra hormones and blood flow combined with weight gain and shifts in center of gravity can lead to a variety of issues such as:

  • Round ligament pain
  • SI joint dysfunction
  • Hip bursitis
  • Joint misalignment
  • Back pain
  • Costal rib pain
  • and more…

Physical therapists can evaluate and treat for prenatal and post natal care, ensuring a smoother pregnancy, labor and delivery process. 50-70% of pregnant women experience back pain, and most view these aches and pains as an unfortunate but unavoidable complication of pregnancy. Staying active greatly reduces pregnancy complications, including back pain, hip pain and postural issues. Physical therapy can help by teaching proper form to stretch and strengthen as well as establishing home exercise programs that patients can feel confident in doing on their own.

Physical Therapy Associates wants to help, we are offering “Mama lunches” every Tuesday at our Conroe location and every Thursday at our Huntsville location. These lunches will provide free lunch and information further detailing the benefits of physical therapy for prenatal and post natal care, as well as allow mom-to-be’s the opportunity to meet the physical therapists and tour the facility before scheduling their evaluation appointments. Call us at our Huntsville office (936-294-0283) or our Conroe office (936-494-1292) to schedule your luncheon.