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Where Do I Go To Stay Fit After PT?

by ptassociates, June 5, 2017

By: Randy Kenyon Looking for a place to keep yourself active because your living room floor just isn’t cutting it anymore? Look no further than this blog post because I have the answer. Huntsville has tons of hidden gems just waiting for you to explore and find your exercise niche. Like I mentioned in the […]


Life After PT

by ptassociates, April 21, 2017

By: Randy Kenyon So you have finished your weeks or months of exciting physical therapy and you are feeling pretty good about your body and the issue that brought you to us in the first place. Now what? What do you do every day during that time you used to come see us? How will […]


Now Hiring

by ptassociates, August 18, 2016

Join our dynamic team and become a part of impacting lives! Conroe Location:  Physical Therapy Technician and Admin position open, full-time Huntsville Location:  Physical Therapy Technician position open, part and full-time Email your resume/information to Thank you!  


OVERCOMING fear. – Kelsey Carpentier, PTA

by ptassociates, July 14, 2016

Scenario: You are now out of the acute/passive phase of your post op surgery. You can now move your shoulder actively, bear weight through your lower extremity, and can stop using your walker, cane and crutches. But…something is keeping your from moving your arm, bearing weight on your lower extremity, and from using your assistive device. […]


YOU Deserve It!! by Christa Ikard, PT, DPT, ATC

by ptassociates, May 9, 2016

Overheard in the clinic yesterday: “I’m really not as bad as some people in here, I’m not sure I should be here.” If this is how you feel about physical therapy I want to let you know that you DESERVE to be here. You deserve to not be in pain. You deserve to be able […]


Dream BIG! by Clay Williams

by ptassociates, March 17, 2016

We all dreamt of being something when we were younger. It could have been an astronaut, an NBA player, or even something as simple as an artist. But as we age, suddenly these big dreams transform into ideas we simple consider unrealistic, and we push them to the side. But why is that? We should […]


PT can treat the tailbone????

by ptassociates, March 10, 2016

  Being healthy from head to tail may be harder than it appears!  You can eat well, exercise and try to live stress free (or stress reduced!), and then something derails you.  Like falling on your bottom.  Jane was walking down the stairs and one foot went right out from underneath her!  Months later her […]


You only have ONE heart….keep it healthy!

by ptassociates, February 12, 2016

Feb 2016 Heart Month by Christa Ikard, PT, ATC, DPT



by ptassociates, February 4, 2016

Happy Heart Month!  Yes, Valentines day falls in February, but it’s also American Heart Month, when we should take a good look at the health of our cardiovascular systems. In honor of Superbowl 50 this weekend, we have the first of many Healthy to the Core Challenges for you! Here’s how you play: Healthy to […]